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氣炸土匪雞翼 Air Fried Bandits Chicken Wings



All Hongkongers have probably tried this Bandits Chicken Wings at the restaurant TamJai. We can recognise it’s this dish at distance because of its extraordinary aroma. We have had these Bandits Chicken Wings since a decade ago but now we still have this at TamJai very often.

In this post we are using our Princess Aerofryer to make Air Fried Bandits Chicken Wings.

Princess Aerofryer 氣炸鍋


We used Princess aerofryer this time. Below we will talk about some of its useful features

氣炸土匪雞翼 Air Fried Bandits Chicken Wings


Bandits Chicken Wings have a very strong and pleasant smell which is identifiable far away. This air fried version has crispy skin and succulent chicken meat inside


Ingredients include ~10 chicken wings, light soy sauce, chicken powder, black sesame, five spices powder and cumin powder


unfroze the wings by putting into water


Wipe dry them


Prepare our marinate. 3 tsp of light soy sauce, 1 tsp of chicken powder, 2 tsp of five spices powder, 2 tsp of cumin powder. Mix well and test the taste


The marinate was very thick because powder was more then liquid


Stir well the marinate


As this was our first time to make this, we made our trial with 2 wings first. After marinated for 1 hour, we apply extra cumin powder and black sesame on top


180 degree celsius for 12 mins then 200 degree for 3 mins to make the skin crispy


One good thing about our aerofryer is its window design. We could monitor the cooking process all the way. Also, hot airflow can circulate inside the whole aerofryer to cook both the top and bottom of food. We won’t need to flip the food around amid cooking.


Trial wings done. Very aromatic and juicy. The time control for air frying was perfect but we applied too much cumin powder on top and 1 hour for marination was not sufficient.



With the experience of the trial cooking, we let it marinate for 1 more hour before air frying.

We can put 9 chicken wings on a rack. The aerofryer can cater 3 racks at most. We can manage a 10 pax party with this aerofryer.


This ones were insane. Crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside. Very very delicious. The chicken wing on the right was bottom up, you can see it’s also perfectly cooked even we didn’t flip it around

Princess Aerofryer 氣炸鍋


Interested in our Princess aerofryer this time. Below we will talk about some of its useful features


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