氣炸鍋點揀好? Princess5合1智能氣炸焗爐開箱 Unboxing Princess Aerofryer

Princess氣炸鍋 Aerofryer

氣炸鍋絕對係香港人最近熱捧既廚具,一時間超市好多相關食材賣,亦多左好多網上評測、食譜等等。小夫妻最近都加入左依個既大家庭了,今次除左嘗試處理一下點揀好既問題,亦會做我地部Princess 5合1智能氣炸焗爐既開箱,等大家買氣炸鍋之前都可以參考下有咩值得考慮既地方。

Aerofryer is gaining its popularity in recent years. Not only do we see lots of related food ingredients at supermarkets, there are also many reviews and recipes online. We have recently joined the family of aerofryer and in this article we would like to share our criteria of choosing an aerofryer and the unboxing of the aerofryer we have. Check it out!

氣炸鍋點揀好? How to Choose an Aerofryer?



The mechanism behind an aerofryer is fairly straight forward. It creates high temperature air current by heater and fan to evaporate water particles in food. Oil on the outside of food becomes more concentrated and with high heat, texture of food is as if it’s fried.

No high tech is actually involved in the process. Is it to say we can simply choose any aerofryer that’s cheap enough to do the work? Not really. Let’s take a look at the below summary of criteria we can consider while purchasing an aerofryer.

容量 Volume


An aerofryer can be as small as just having 2-4L of capacity while the Princess aerofryer we are to introduce below has 11L of capacity which is super large. A small aerofryer can only cater small portion of food while a larger one is also able to have a wider spectrum of functions like air frying a chicken or multiple racks of snacks for party.

氣流均勻 Even Airflow



This point is actually important as it directly affects whether the food will be tasty or not. As an aerofryer uses hot airflow to cook the food, whether the airflow is even or not will directly affect how the food is cooked.

Normally a small aerofryer has no special design for even airflow. Chance is like the upper surface of the food is charred but the lower part is still undercooked. To have better cooking result, you may need to flip the food amid cooking. On the other hand, if the aerofryer has better aerodynamics, not only is the food cooked evenly, we also don’t need to flip the food during cooking.

清潔難度 Difficulty in Cleaning


Some advantages of an aerofryer include its relatively handy design (compared to an oven) and fast cooking of food. On the other hand, we think the largest disadvantage would be the difficulty in cleaning the interior, especially for a tiny aerofryer where interior is small and difficult to even put our hand in. Before buying one we may want to see if there’s any feature that helps make cleaning easier.

視窗式設計 Window Design


We may want an aerofryer that has window design. If you like cooking you may probably agree that it’s comforting to watch the food surface bubbling during airfrying it. Being able to see the food being cooked can also help us ensure our food is not charred. We may also consider this point before buying one because many aerofryers don’t come with this feature.

預設烹調模式 Preset Cooking Modes


This is a convenient feature for getting rid of finding recipes every single time. You may also want your aerofryer to come with this.

保養 Warranty


This is self explanatory.


Ok. Now we will unbox our Princess Aerofryer and share why we think it’s a very good choice among other alternatives.

Princess Aerofryer 氣炸鍋

依家都我地既網店都有得賣Princess 5 合 1 智能氣炸焗爐及風乾機喇!

Princess 5-in-1 Aerofryer Oven is now available on our online shop!

Princess 5合1智能氣炸焗爐開箱 Unboxing Our Princess Aerofryer


Both Vincent and Inky were so excited about new thing at home.


Here it’s an inner paper box and Vincent who was still on the table



Here are all the components. There are 3 roasting racks, a 3.5L frying basket, a rotating spit fork, 2 handles and a fat collecting tray. In terms of parts, it’s very sufficient and we can deal with a wide range of recipes with is aerofryer.

Volume is 11L which is enormous. Of course we can make snacks like French fries/ chicken wings. We may even cook a steak/ roast a whole chicken.


The door of the Princess aerofryer comes with a visible feature and ambient lightings for monitoring the cooking process.


The door can also be detached. It provides extra convenience to clean the aerofryer


Intuitive touch interface

隨Princess 5合1智能氣炸焗爐附送一本簡單既說明書,依一版就介紹左部氣炸鍋既7項預設烹飪程式同1項乾果烘焗程式(超正!),煮ed常見食材,直程食譜都唔洗搵了

The aerofryer comes with a simple manual. On this page it introduces the 7 preset cooking programs and a fruit dehydrating mode (nice feature!)


Before we used for the first time, we cleaned the interior. There’s plenty of room for our hand to clean it


Like any aerofryer or oven, we’d better turn it on without food for 30 mins. In the factory lubricants were applied to the parts which generates unpleasant odour in the beginning of using it. We wanted to let the odour come out





As this is for unboxing, we just used it for simply aerofrying frozen shaomai. Some online recipes taught us to apply 180 degree for 10 mins, then flip the shao mai and then cook for another 5 mins.

As this aerofryer has a 3D air circulation design, we didn’t need to flip the shaomai amid cooking so we simply applied 180 degree celsius for 15 mins. Just make sure there is enough space for airflow up and down the shaomai.

We can then switch on the ambient lights and watch the cooking process which was a comforting scene to us.

We found that 180 degree for 15 mins was too much. We then tried different combination for played for 2 hours.


So our conclusion for aerofrying frozen shaomai is to make it 180 degree for 10 mins and no need to apply oil. The crunchy shaomai went surprisingly well with condensed milk!

Princess Aerofryer 氣炸鍋

Princess 5 合 1 智能氣炸焗爐及風乾機有興趣?即刻去我地網店睇睇,仲有免運費優惠!

Interested in our Princess 5-in-1 Aerofryer Oven? Check out our online store and enjoy free shipping!

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