10分鐘完成 簡單豆豉鯪魚油麥菜 Stir fried Chinese Leafy Lettuce with Black Bean Dace in Just 10 Mins



Stir fried Chinese Leafy Lettuce with Black Bean Dace is a super simple Hongkongese dish. It’s the idea choice for you when you need to hurry to make a meal or you just want to clear up the canned food at home.

It’s simple and delicious but not everyone has the same way to make this dish. In this article we want to share the way we like to make our ideal version of Stir fried Chinese Leafy Lettuce with Black Bean Dace.

豆豉鯪魚油麥菜 Stir fried Chinese Leafy Lettuce with Black Bean Dace

豆豉鯪魚油麥菜 Stir fried Leafy Lettuce with Black Bean Dace


In the version we like, the dace is in more complete pieces and we can feel its texture by take a mouthful of the fish. On the other hand the Chinese Leafy Lettuce mixes well with the fish oil and keeps its green color and crunchy texture at the same time.


This is another version we made before and you can clearly see the differences. The fish was over shredded and the veggie was a bit overcooked. With trial and error for multiple times, we now come to a version that we like eating!


Ingredients are literally Chinese Leafy Lettuce and Black Bean Dace only


We once talked to a friend regarding cleaning veggie. He said that he used to simply rinse it under wash. We shared that it’s the normal practice to first soak it in salted water for 15 mins

浸完15分鐘本身清澈既水都變成泥黃色,仲有唔少泥沙沉積係盤底,而落鹽就係因為可以殺死菜蟲 — 我地原以為個個都會咁做,但原來都唔係的

We thought everyone does that but we found that it’s not the case. As shown above, after soaking veggie in water for 15 mins the water turned muddy. The veggie is not as clean as we imagined. And we made the water salted to kill the leaf warms if any.


First step is to put the Black Bean Dace into a heated wok and stir fry it on medium-low heat. During the process we can gently shred the fish into eatable size


When the fish turns aromatic we can set it aside. The oil left behind is the secret to making aromatic stir fried veggie


Then we stir fry the Chinese Leafy Lettuce on medium heat
For photo taking purpose we didn’t cut the veggie. If you want it to be more convenient to be eaten it can be chopped in half


Put the dace back and cook for awhile. Done!


Install the handle and take it out on the table. The wok itself can serve as the dish as well. So convenient


Bon appetit!




We used the Korean Monacook Ceramic Non-stick pan set this time which includes two 26cm frying pan, a deep pan, a skillet, a detachable handle and lid. One set for all cooking purposes and kitchen can simplify the kitchen!

What we think it’s most attractive is that after stacking up it just occupies very small amount of space and its elegant design makes it suitable for putting on the table directly to serve. What a mighty set of cookware!

Now in our shop you could learn more about the Monacook set!



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