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龍蝦保鮮3種方法點揀?龍蝦點處理?How to Choose Among 3 Ways to Keep a Lobster Fresh

龍蝦保鮮 Keep a Lobster Fresh

In our last post we mentioned that the lobster had already passed away when we took them our from fridge so the texture was not as perfect as a living one. We don’t usually cook lobster but when we do, we want it the most fresh. Hence we looked into ways to keep a lobster fresh on the internet and we discovered that there are actually various ways of doing that. The below were some of the approached we came across:

上湯龍蝦伊麵 Lobster Noodles

一文極速學識整上湯龍蝦伊麵! Lobster Noodles Quick Learn in 1 Article!


We would say Lobster Noodles is a very function dish. It can be a decent dish in a gathering with friends, it can be a dish for treating yourself after getting salary paid, it can be a little prize for your kids if they have done well in exam or you just want to eat a lobster, this dish is able to give you what you want.It’s not difficult to make but it can certainly bring joy to people. With such remarkable CP value, consider to make it for your next meal!

乾炒牛河 Stirred Fried Rice Noodles with Beef

乾炒牛河自己炒 住家男人的浪漫 Stirred Fried Rice Noodles with Beef the Romance of a Home Cooking Man


In any of a tea restaurant in Hong Kong, Stirred Fried Rice Noodles with Beef is a very basic dish you can find. However, it’s not a very common homemade dish even for local Hongkongers, probably because of the mythical thought that it takes lots of step of prepare the dish. Actually it’s not that difficult to make the dish. Follow the recipe and you can hack this lovely Stirred Fried Rice Noodles with Beef at home!

簡易雲吞雞鍋 Wonton Chicken Soup

簡易雲吞雞鍋 3分鐘就學識! Easy Wonton Chicken Soup


Easy Way to Make Wonton Chicken Pot Using instant wonton bought from wet market makes this soup very easy to prepare. Try this when weather turns cooler!

蕃茄中蝦濃湯 Prawn Bisque

10隻中蝦勝過1隻龍蝦? 蕃茄中蝦濃湯! What’s the Magic to Change 10 Prawns into a Lobster? Prawn Bisque!


We all heard about French lobster bisque but for home cooking, how many of us would really spend a fortune to buy lobsters for making the bisque?Actually we can use the affordable middle prawns as alternative to make a prawn bisque and it tastes alike the high end lobster bisque!

豉汁粉絲無水蒸蟠龍鱔 Waterless Steamed Dragon Eel

傳統菜1招升級 豉汁粉絲無水蒸蟠龍鱔 Classic Dish in New Way Waterless Steamed Dragon Eel


Steamed Dragon Eel with Soy Sauce is a simple and delicious dish to make. This time, we used also glass noodles and the technique of waterless steaming. How was it?It was DELICIOUS! Even my wife doesn’t like eating fish, but for this eel she ate a lot. This is really a dish we want to share with you all.

無水蒸腐乳雞翼 Waterless Steamed Chicken Wings with Fermented Bean Curd

神奇組合 無水蒸腐乳雞翼 Magical Waterless Steamed Chicken Wings with Fermented Bean Curd


Fermented bean curd doesn’t sound like a perfect match with chicken wings but it indeed is! Together with the method of waterless steaming, this dish is just unbelievably delicious. This rice killer dish will make your bowl of rice gone in seconds!