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30分鐘極簡易豉油皇雞脾 Super Easy Soy Sauce Chicken Legs in 30 Mins

豉油皇雞脾 Soy Sauce Chicken Legs

豉油皇雞脾,簡單零失敗,成本又夠低,想是但煮又有好野食,誠意推薦下次一齊煮依味餸。 不過今次我地就無咁是但,同大家分享令雞脾食落嫩滑唔鞋口既小技巧!

Soy Sauce Chicken Legs is a very simple and affordable dish to make. Highly recommend to give it a try if you want something tasty but don’t have much time to cook!

杯麵茶碗蒸 Cup Noodles Chawanmushi

長崎涼美推介:杯麵茶碗蒸 Cup Noodles Chawanmushi When We Are Broke


I guess during pandemic everyone of us has stored some dried food at home. Cup noodles is of course a must-have item. In this evening I went home late and there’s only cup noodles at home. Instead of feeling sad, I actually made the meal enjoyable by eating the cup noodles as main dish and use the soup leftover for making a Japanese Cup Noodles Chawanmushi. Let’s see how I did it.

慢煮厚切西冷 Sous Vide Sirloin Steak

貴食材不敗煮法! 慢煮厚切西冷牛扒 Never Fail Your Pricey Sirloin Steak – Use of Sous Vide!


Normally we cook a steak by simply pan frying it. Yet the thicker the steak, the harder it is to make the cooking time precise. So for the thick cut sirloin steak we bought this time, we would like to cook it by sous vide. Not only is it easier to control the timing, the steak will also be crispy on the outside and juicy inside. We can make sure we don’t ruin the pricey steak. Let’s see how to do this!