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簡易港版韓式泡菜豆腐鍋 Hong Kong Style Korean Kimchi Tofu Stew

泡菜豆腐鍋 Kimchi Tofu Stew


We both love things related to Korean but speaking of making Korean food it’s always a headache for us. Korean food usually looks like it’s easy to make but the marination and ingredients preparation are not as simple. Buying all the required ingredients for authentic Korean taste is the most difficult part we found here in Hong Kong. We managed to buy none of the required Korean seasoning for the stew so we used our own way to make it. Under freestyle cooking, the Hong Kong version of the stew was actually tasty 😹

梅菜蒸肉餅 Steamed Pork Patty

梅菜蒸肉餅 分享點整最好食 Secret of a Tasty Dish of Steamed Pork Patty

梅菜蒸肉餅既好食秘訣係乜野? 以前都會貪方便去街市買現成免治肉去蒸肉餅,不過自從試過食剁肉餅之後,個種質感同味道都係另一回事,一切就返唔到轉頭了

What’s the secret of making a tasty dish of steamed pork patty? For convenience we usually bought machine minced pork to make this pork patty. However, after trying the hand chopped version, we came to realize that both the texture and flavour are much better. Since then there is no return.

紅燒豆腐煲 Braised Tofu in Pot

讀者投稿 紅燒豆腐煲 First Reader’s Contribution Braised Tofu in Pot

小夫妻Overcooked第一篇讀者投稿上線囉!今次搵到 拾苟說足球 既作者,唔同大家講波,同大家講下依個家常食又得,宴客又得既紅燒豆腐煲點煮!

Braised Tofu in PotHere comes our first reader’s contribution! This mouth watering braised tofu pot is suitable for serving in a daily family meal or gathering with friends!

金菇肥牛卷 Enoki Beef Roll

四張圖學識整金菇肥牛卷 Effortless Recipe of Enoki Beef Roll in 4 Pictures


Enoki Beef Roll is another very easy dish for kitchen beginners. The only hard part (and that’s not really hard) is to roll the enoki. Don’t roll too much enoki in one roll. Just make it good for 1 bite will do. Also, be careful not to loosen the roll during frying

明太子忌廉意粉 Creamy Mentaiko Pasta

懶人恩物! 15分鐘日式明太子忌廉意粉 Japanese Creamy Mentaiko Pasta in 15 Mins


While the alert level of the pandemic rises, we stay home and cook to save life. This time we are introducing how to make one serve of Creamy Mentaiko Pasta. It’s very easy to make so you have no excuse not to make you own pasta next time!

麻婆豆腐 Mapo Tofu

易學版麻婆豆腐 豆腐唔爛秘訣 Succeed on 1st Attempt! Easy Mapo Tofu


Mapo Tofu is a must-learn traditional Chinese dish. You can find various recipes online regarding how to cook the dish. This recipe version is the one we found ideal for beginners as on one hand you won’t mash the tofu easily and on the other hand you can take your time to tune the seasoning.

蕃茄炒蛋 Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes

蕃茄炒蛋 好味秘訣全分享 Way to Make Delicious Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes




Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes Any Hongkonger who likes cooking must have tried making this dish. Interesting though, everyone has a different style making it. The variety of the ways it can be cooked makes it a very amusing dish to cook!

Check out our method to make a delicious dish of Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes!