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自煮吉野牛肉飯 3步極簡單食譜 Super Easy Yoshinoya Beef Bowl in 3 Steps

吉野牛肉飯 Yoshinoya Beef Bowl


Both of us love eating Yoshinoya Beef Bowl but since we learnt how to make that at home, we haven’t been eating out the beef bowl at restaurant for a year already. The version we made this time is with Japanese soft-boiled egg. You will definitely empty the bowl in secs with this combination. The Yoshinoya Beef Bowl is very easy to make. Try that next time!

我們的LC收藏 Our Le Creuset collection

入坑經歷分享 我們超過30件的Le Creuset收藏 Our Le Creuset Collection

有留意開我地既朋友都會知道我地都鍾意用Le Creuset既廚具,今次就同大家分享下我地既Le Creuset collection同埋講下點解會開始鍾意,仲有中間既故事。

Folks here may notice that Le Creuset is a cookware brand that we like. In this article we are going to share with you our current Le Creuset collection, how we started this Le Creuset journey and stories in this journey.

韓式豬手 Korean Pork Trotters 족발

試整回憶中的韓式豬手 Trying to Make the Best Korean Pork Trotters We Had in Korea

食過唔同風味既豬手/腳黎講,我既偏好係韓式炆豬手>>>柏林炆豬手>慕尼黑烤豬手> 中式南乳豬手≈豬腳薑。


Among the different styles of pork trotters we have tried, my preference is Korean simmered pork trotters >>> Berlin simmered pork trotters > Munich roasted pork trotters > Chinese pork trotters with fermented red beancurd ≈ pork trotters with ginger stew.

As we can’t go to Korea yet, is it possible to replicate that Korean pork trotters experience at home? Let’s do an experiment.

碗仔翅 Imitation Shark Fin Soup

足料碗仔翅 1文學識屋企整 Authentic Imitation Shark Fin Soup in 1 Article



韮菜豬紅 Pig Blood Curd with Chinese Chives

韮菜豬紅屋企整 完美複製打冷風味 Pig Blood Curd with Chinese Chives


Speaking of our favorite dishes in a Chiu Chow Daa Laang restaurant, Pig Blood Curd with Chinese Chives is definitely among the top of the list. We order this dish each time we go to a Daa Laang restaurant. We just can’t figure out why these 2 ingredients work that well together. Every time we just empty the dish quickly without noticing that. Is it possible to replicate such savory dish at home? A resounding YES and it’s actually very easy!

蒸水蛋 Steamed Eggs

完美蒸水蛋方程式 Number 1 Secret of Making Perfect Steamed Eggs

男人女人必學家常菜之首蒸水蛋! 超簡單既一味餸,但整法千變萬化,淨係蛋同水既比例都有好多唔同既做法。我地就鍾意嫩滑得黎仲食到蛋既質感,純粹分享下萬千種做法中我地覺得最好食既版本。至於完美既蒸水蛋秘訣?煮俾心愛既人食既蒸水蛋自然係完美既蒸水蛋!

Steamed Eggs is definitely on top of the must-learn family meal list. It’s super easy to make but there are ways of making it. On one hand we like it smooth and tender and on the other hand we want the rich texture of the eggs to be preserved. Here we would like to share the version we personally like the most. And speaking of the secret of making perfect steamed eggs? It’s perfect as long as you are cooking for your loved ones!

糖醋排骨 Sweet and Sour Spareribs

搞搞新意思 話梅玉桂荔枝糖醋排骨 New Elements in Traditional Dish Sweet and Sour Spareribs with Plum, Cinnamon and Lychee


Sweet and Sour Spareribs is one of our favorite dishes. It’s easy to make, appetizing and we can empty a bowl of rice with its mouth watering sweet and sour sauce. After multiple times of making this, we tried to put new elements into the dish so we made this Sweet and Sour Spareribs with Plum, Cinnamon and Lychee. The ingredients went well together but we think there are still things to be improved. Our comments in below.