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快靚正之選 3張圖學識蒜蓉粉絲無水蒸蝦 Quick and Easy Waterless Steamed Prawns with Garlic and Glass Noodles in 3 Photos

蠔油炆鮑魚 Braised Abalone

慶節好主意 蠔油炆鮑魚 Festive Braised Abalone

2020年過得特別快,眨下眼已經就黎到中秋。大家開始諗定中秋要為屋企人準備咩菜式未?好似有d早…不過煮大餐既話諗定菜譜黎就差唔多架喇lol 同大家介紹蠔油炆鮑魚既做法,今個中秋煮依道心機菜俾屋企人食,一定個個欣賞!

2020 passes quickly and we are already approaching Mid Autumn Festival. Have you already planned what to prepare for your festive feast with family? Hmmm too early to make the plan? Not really when you think of how time flies this year… In this article we introduce to you the way to make Braised Abalone, a very good idea for festive feast. We are sure that all your family members will appreciate your devotion to make the dish!