B仔雞翼尖 食完1隻又1隻既開胃菜 ! Delightful Appetizer! Hot and Sour Chicken Wing Tips

B仔雞翼尖 Hot and Sour Chicken Wing Tips


Occasionally we have an urge to eat this Hot and Sour Chicken Wing Tips which is a famous dish in a desert house in Yuen Long. However when we think of the long way to go there, it’s actually best to make it on our own. Try making this as the appetizer of your next meal. It’s tasty, convenient and cheap!

B仔雞翼尖 Hot and Sour Chicken Wing Tips

B仔雞翼尖 Hot and Sour Chicken Wing Tips

We both agree that this Hot and Sour Chicken Wing Tips is a very nice appetizer

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In a pan of cold water, add 1 pound of chicken wing tips. Cook on medium heat until it boils

Rinse them

Prepare the sauce, it is made up of a bulb of minced garlic, 5 diced chilli peppers, 2 tsp of salt, 3 tsp of chicken powder, 3 tsp of sugar, half bowl of Shaoxing wine and around 500ml of water



Boil all the ingredients including the wing tips. When it comes to boil, switch to low heat to cook for 30 mins (water should be sufficient to cover all the wing tips). Cornstarch solution can be added if you want a thicker body of sauce.

For spicy food lovers, more chilli peppers can be added. It’s important to taste the sauce upon finishing.

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