BBQ的樂趣 2款菜式推介 2 Ideas for a Joyful BBQ


燒雞翼,我鍾意食,不過一般香港人自中學去秋季旅行起,累積左咁多bbq既經驗,如果依家bbq都淨係食蜜糖燒雞翼/超市醃起左既扒,好似已經唔會有朋友啋你… 今次小夫妻想分享下bbq時有咩好食又好玩既菜式值得推介。

Hongkongers all have abundant experience of having barbecue. Simply buying instant barbecue packages from supermarket can hardly make friends satisfied. In this article we are going to share ideas for a barbecue party

BBQ菜式推介 Ideas for Barbecue



In this article we are sharing 2 ideas with the first one being grilled beef steak. What’s special about that? This steak has already been cooked by sous vide before grilling. By grilling it we are bringing the surface crunchiness and more aromas.

Personally this is the best way of making a steak. The surface is gently charred and fragrant, while the inside is succulent and tender brought by the sous vide process.



The second idea is this Baked Sand Ginger Chicken in Lotus Leaf. The chicken can be made very juicy using this method and sand ginger can further enhance the flavour.

Let’s share how we prepared these dishes below.



Let’s begin with the steak. We bought it online and it’s still in good freezing condition when it arrived our home


each steak was as thick as a HK$5 coin. To apply sous vide, the steak needs to be thick in a certain extent so as to create difference of doneness between the outside and the inside


all steaks were vacuum packed. We can simple put them in water to defrost


Add rock salt, black pepper and thyme. Then we can put them into zip bag


Set the slow cook stick at 51 degree celsius and let it cook for 1 hour

PC19 WithPhone amz


We use the commonly seen ANOVA slow cooker with wifi function. With a mobile app, you could activate the slow cooker and when you’re back home, the sous vide is already done. It’s very convenient.

Nano Withphone 1000


It also has a version without wifi function. Personally it’s better looking. If you don’t always need to control the slow cooker from distance this may be your choice.


After cooking for 1 hour, the steaks were now rarely done. We then wrapped them in aluminium foil and put them back to the insulating bag for maintaining temperature while we are going to our friend’s home


On the other hand we were making the chicken. We first applied crude salt on the chicken and then rubbed it thoroughly. After that, just let it marinate for 1 hour and then rinse the salt away



And then we blended 20-30g of dried sand ginger. We also blended a small piece of ginger. That’s optional.

Compared to ready-to-use ginger powder, this DIY version was much richer in flavour.


Blend blend blend


Then we mix it with a tsp of salt, 2 tsp of chicken power and 1 tsp of 5-spice powder. Taste it and adjust the portion of the seasoning until it tastes nice


Apply the marinate on the chicken and let it rest for 3 hours


When the marination is almost done, prepare lotus leaves (we bought 2), green onion, coriander and garlic



wrap the chicken together with the serving ingredients in the lotus leaves

These ingredients give the chicken more flavours and also help keep it moisturised


wrap it


After that we wrap it by aluminium foil. We wrapped 4 layers of aluminium in order to confirm strong watering retaining ability


Both the chicken and the beef were now ready. It’s time to move to the barbecue venue!


We also had Taiwanese sausages, ox tongue, pork belly, chicken wings in truffle sauce…


We first grill the beef steak. As it’s already rarely done, what we needed to do was to grill it for awhile and give the surface a bit of crunchiness


Don’t forget to burn the fatty part of the steak


Done. Looks like it’s dry and tough


裏面仍然係pink pink的,嫩滑多汁


But actually it’s just the outside that was dry and crunchy

The inner part was still in pink and it’s very juicy

It’s also very tender when it’s just taken out of the grille


Now it’s the turn of our chicken. We simply put it on the grille like this



Cover the lid to let the chicken being baked more evenly

After grilling one side for 15 mins, we turned to the other side and grill for another 15 mins. After that we took it out and let it rest of 15 mins


And this was how it looked when we unpacked the chicken



We were just paying out attention on unpacking the chicken and forgot to take photos. This picture is a capture of the above video

The lotus leaves were charred. We were afraid that the chicken would also be burnt


火有d set得太猛,隻雞都有少少燶左,輕輕刮走後,唔太影響味道

Fortunately the chicken was still succulent. The flavour of sand ginger also went very well with the chicken

The flame was a bit too much so the chicken was a bit charred. It didn’t affect the taste after gently peeling the burnt parts away


The chicken was actually quite tasty. This barbecue recipe is recommended


Of course we needed some alcohol


This grilled pineapple with cinnamon marked a perfect end for this barbecue gathering



Sous vide beef steak can also be made without using the barbecue method

貴食材不敗煮法! 慢煮厚切西冷牛扒 Never Fail Your Pricey Sirloin Steak – Use of Sous Vide!


Sand ginger chicken can also be made at home kitchen

初試煙燻沙薑雞 First Trial on Smoked Sand Ginger Chicken


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