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Green House煙燻機及煙燻醉三拼 Food Smoker and Smoked & Drunken Trio

蒸水蛋 Steamed Eggs

完美蒸水蛋秘訣 Number 1 Secret of Making Perfect Steamed Eggs

男人女人必學家常菜之首蒸水蛋! 超簡單既一味餸,但整法千變萬化,淨係蛋同水既比例都有好多唔同既做法。我地就鍾意嫩滑得黎仲食到蛋既質感,純粹分享下萬千種做法中我地覺得最好食既版本。至於完美既蒸水蛋秘訣?煮俾心愛既人食既蒸水蛋自然係完美既蒸水蛋!

Steamed Eggs is definitely on top of the must-learn family meal list. It’s super easy to make but there are ways of making it. On one hand we like it smooth and tender and on the other hand we want the rich texture of the eggs to be preserved. Here we would like to share the version we personally like the most. And speaking of the secret of making perfect steamed eggs? It’s perfect as long as you are cooking for your loved ones!

蕃茄炒蛋 Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes

蕃茄炒蛋點煮好味? How to Make Delicious Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes




Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes Any Hongkonger who likes cooking must have tried making this dish. Interesting though, everyone has a different style making it. The variety of the ways it can be cooked makes it a very amusing dish to cook!

Check out our method to make a delicious dish of Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes!

杯麵茶碗蒸 Cup Noodles Chawanmushi

長崎涼美推介:杯麵茶碗蒸 Cup Noodles Chawanmushi When We Are Broke


I guess during pandemic everyone of us has stored some dried food at home. Cup noodles is of course a must-have item. In this evening I went home late and there’s only cup noodles at home. Instead of feeling sad, I actually made the meal enjoyable by eating the cup noodles as main dish and use the soup leftover for making a Japanese Cup Noodles Chawanmushi. Let’s see how I did it.