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小夫妻無水蒸深入解說連食譜整合 Waterless Steaming Comprehensive Explain with 5 Recipes

無水蒸 Waterless Steaming
韓式豬手 Korean Pork Trotters 족발

試整回憶中的韓式豬手 Trying to Make the Best Korean Pork Trotters We Had in Korea

食過唔同風味既豬手/腳黎講,我既偏好係韓式炆豬手>>>柏林炆豬手>慕尼黑烤豬手> 中式南乳豬手≈豬腳薑。


Among the different styles of pork trotters we have tried, my preference is Korean simmered pork trotters >>> Berlin simmered pork trotters > Munich roasted pork trotters > Chinese pork trotters with fermented red beancurd ≈ pork trotters with ginger stew.

As we can’t go to Korea yet, is it possible to replicate that Korean pork trotters experience at home? Let’s do an experiment.