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簡單又鮮味 鹽焗奄仔蟹 Simple And Amazing Salt Baked Virgin Crabs

鹽焗奄仔蟹 Salt Baked Virgin Crabs


Speaking of salt baking we may imagine that there are loads of things to be prepared and it will be clumsy to make that at home. In contrary, it’s very easy to make. Yet there are some areas to look into if we want to make it good.

薑蔥桶蠔煲 Stewed Oysters Pot with Scallions and Ginger

屋企版大排檔嗞嗞聲薑蔥蠔煲 Sizzling Stewed Oysters Pot with Scallions and Ginger in Authentic Tai Pai Ton Style


We all don’t usually have chance to go out for a meal lately but we always want to have a try on restaurant dishes. This Stewed Oyster, for many of us, can only be tried in a Cantonese restaurant and it’s quite pricey. Actually it’s not that difficult to make at home!