Vermicular Oven Pot Round 26cm | 3 Colors | Limited Time Discount


Product Features

  • Japanese exquisite craftsmanship meets innovative design
  • The pot body and lid are meticulously handcrafted until they fit at a 0.01 mm accuracy. The excellent water retaining ability maximizes umami in waterless cooking
  • Ergonomic double handles
  • Applicable on gas stove, electric stove and oven
  • 5L volume
  • With safety as utmost concern, toxic materials like cadmium, lead and manganese are never used
  • Authorized product made in Japan


  • Free delivery in Hong Kong for order above HK$1,000. For order below that, HK$90 shipping charge applies. 3-5 working days to deliver. Extra charge may apply for remote areas. Details at Delivery Terms


  • For any enquiry, feel free to Whatsapp us at 9451 5072
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Unboxing Article:

我地又入坑了 Vermicular 2款鑄鐵鍋開箱連簡單試用 Unboxing Vermicular Pot and Pan

Must Try This with Vermicular Oven Pot Round:

好食到不得了 金醬無水蒸魚 Unbelievably Tasty Waterless Steamed Fish

Vermicular is a Japanese cookware brand we have admired for a long time. It has a realatively short history of making cookware. While its first oven pot round was launched in 2010, the Hijikata family’s foundry has been renowned for its capability to cast and machine iron with extreme accuracy. There is no doubt about Vermicular’s meticulous craftsmanship. For instance, the pot body and lid are handcrafted until they fit at a 0.01 mm accuracy. The excellent water retaining ability maximizes food’s umami in waterless cooking.

Couple Overcooked’s readers would know that exquisite cookwares are irresistable to us. Amid our journey of sharing cooking experience, we received enquiries regarding our cookware collection from time to time and we are always happy to chat in this topic. Often in our minds there is an idea of opening an online shop to share more our interest in cookware and at the same time try to earn a buck by so doing (smile). After paying some efforts in organizing, here comes the online shop in front of you.

You may first take a look at the Vermicular production video below. In the soon future, we will use it to make tasty dishes and share their recipes here.

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