Princess 5-in-1 Aerofryer Oven 11L


Product Features

  • 5-in-1: Oven, fryer, aerofryer, rotisserie and dehydrator
  • XL Oven capacity : 11L
  • 7 hot air frying Preset (65-200 C; Timer 1-60 mins) +
  • Dried Fruit Preset (30-80 C; Timer 2-24 hrs)
  • LED touch control panel
  • High speed air convection
  • Metal inner cavity with 3 shelf levels
  • XL window & lamp
  • Automatic shut-off when the door is opened
  • End of program buzzer
  • Accessories : 3 grill racks/ frying basket 3.5L/ rotisserie spit / cage handle / crumb tray
  • Dimension: 32.4(W) x 33.9(D) x 37.7(H) cm
  • 220-240V/ 2000W
  • Authorised good made in China,


  • Free delivery in Hong Kong. Normally 1-3 working days to deliver. Extra charge may apply for remote areas. Details at Delivery Terms


  • 1-year warranty provided by Dah Chong Hong Holdings Ltd.


  • For any enquiry, feel free to Whatsapp us at 9451 5072

Limited Time Special Package


Unboxing Article

Princess氣炸鍋 Aerofryer

2021氣炸鍋點揀好? Princess氣炸鍋開箱 Unboxing Princess Aerofryer

Must Try Recipe

氣炸土匪雞翼 超易整 有驚喜 Finger-licking Good Air Fried Bandits Chicken Wings


Couple Overcooked’s Experience Sharing

Ultra large volume, all around ventilation, detachable parts for easy cleaning, see through design… 1 Aerofryer with multiple unique features!


All Around Ventilation

With many aerofryers we need to flip the food to make sure it’s evenly cooked. With Princess 5-in-1 Aerofryer Oven, that’s simply unnecessary. It’s with 3D convection design. Food can be cooked by heated air current all around


Easy to Clean

It’s usually difficult to clean a aerofryer. When leftover food accumulates, it’s most probably not good for our health. With Princess 5-in-1 Aerofryer Oven, we can just detach the parts and clean it thoroughly!


See-through Design

We may cook and watch our food being cooked. Not only is it a healing thing to do, it actually prevents food from getting charred


All Parts You Want

There are 3 roasting racks, a 3.5L frying basket, a rotating spit fork, 2 handles and a fat collecting tray. In terms of parts, it’s very sufficient and we can deal with a wide range of recipes with this aerofryer.

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