Princess 5-in-1 Aerofryer Oven 11L


Product Features

  • 5-in-1: Oven, fryer, aerofryer, rotisserie and dehydrator
  • XL Oven capacity : 11L
  • 7 hot air frying Preset (65-200 C; Timer 1-60 mins) +
  • Dried Fruit Preset (30-80 C; Timer 2-24 hrs)
  • LED touch control panel
  • High speed air convection
  • Metal inner cavity with 3 shelf levels
  • XL window & lamp
  • Automatic shut-off when the door is opened
  • End of program buzzer
  • Accessories : 3 grill racks/ frying basket 3.5L/ rotisserie spit / cage handle / crumb tray
  • Dimension: 32.4(W) x 33.9(D) x 37.7(H) cm
  • 220-240V/ 2000W


  • Free delivery in Hong Kong. Normally 1-3 working days to deliver. Extra charge may apply for remote areas. Details at Delivery Terms


  • 1-year warranty provided by Dah Chong Hong Holdings Ltd.


  • For any enquiry, feel free to Whatsapp us at 9444 1841


Unboxing Article

Princess氣炸鍋 Aerofryer

2021氣炸鍋點揀好? Princess氣炸鍋開箱 Unboxing Princess Aerofryer

Must Try Recipe

氣炸土匪雞翼 超易整 有驚喜 Finger-licking Good Air Fried Bandits Chicken Wings


Couple Overcooked’s Experience Sharing

Ultra large volume, all around ventilation, detachable parts for easy cleaning, see through design… 1 Aerofryer with multiple unique features!


All Around Ventilation

With many aerofryers we need to flip the food to make sure it’s evenly cooked. With Princess 5-in-1 Aerofryer Oven, that’s simply unnecessary. It’s with 3D convection design. Food can be cooked by heated air current all around


Easy to Clean

It’s usually difficult to clean a aerofryer. When leftover food accumulates, it’s most probably not good for our health. With Princess 5-in-1 Aerofryer Oven, we can just detach the parts and clean it thoroughly!


See-through Design

We may cook and watch our food being cooked. Not only is it a healing thing to do, it actually prevents food from getting charred


All Parts You Want

There are 3 roasting racks, a 3.5L frying basket, a rotating spit fork, 2 handles and a fat collecting tray. In terms of parts, it’s very sufficient and we can deal with a wide range of recipes with this aerofryer.

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