Lowenthal Avocado Ceramic Non-Stick Combo | 28cm+24cm


After we have found that mainstream coated non-stick pans are possibly harmful, we started to source one without toxic substances. This wok is our solution and we are using it as our daily wok

Popular among people caring cookware safety!
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Product Features

  • Lowenthal Avocado Ceramic Non-Stick Wok 28cm + Sauté Pan 24cm
  • Free 28cm Glass Lid
  • Ceramic coating is by nature close to natural rock and sand which is different from the mainstream PTFE chemical coating non-stick pans
  • Design inspired by avocados with creamy texture
  • State-of-the-art 5th generation ART EGIS ceramic coating from Korea. Firm and durable
  • Excellent non-stick ability. Easy to use and clean
  • Fibre pattern surface for oil diversion. High searing capability is achieved
  • Support gas and IH stoves
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • German brand, made in Korea
  • Tested by Korean laboratory. Safety certified


  • SF Express paid by receiver upon delivery


  • For any enquiry, feel free to Whatsapp us at 9444 1841

Single items of 24cm pan and 28cm wok are available

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Introduced into DSG ENERGY’s Flagship Store

Safe, healthy (very important and there is more elaboration below), non-stick, easy to use, super light, suitable for gas and IH stoves and dish washer friendly. Since we introduced the Avocado Wok from Korea, it has been widely praised for its versatility. Recently we also have DSG ENERGY to procure and list the wok in their flagship store at Tuen Mun MTR Station. A further testimonial for Avocado Wok’s reputation!


Indepth Unboxing & Trial Use Report


開箱+試用+介紹:Lowenthal牛油果陶瓷不沾鍋28cm Unbox and Trial Use Lowenthal Avocado Wok


The launch of the Avocado 28cm wok was a great success. We have no hesitation when it comes to introducing the 2nd member in this series

牛油果鍋第2員 24cm平底鍋開箱 Unboxing Avocado 24cm Sauté Pan


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28cm wok


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24cm pan

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Couple Overcooked’s Experience Sharing

After conducting a thorough study about non-stick pan, we have come to the conclusion of abandoning the most common PTFE coating frying pan available in the market. After some effort put into sourcing and testing, the Lowenthal Avocado Wok is the one selected by us to be used as our daily wok! We are happy to share this wok with all of you and you may first take a look at the product intro video:


Ceramic Coating – Get Rid of the Most Commonly Seen PTFE coating!

We have said that we are only looking for ceramic coating non-stick wok as it has natural composition. More importantly in its production, unlike PTFE coating, PFAS, the notorious forever chemical, is not used. Maybe you think that isn’t a big deal after all PTFE non-stick has been in the market for decades? In fact, recently the Biden administration has announced to regulate PFAS and the reason behind is simple: PFAS has proven to be very problematic.

This avocado wok has adopted the 5th generation ART EGIS ceramic coating by the Korean major ceramic coating brand KFCC Ceramica. The advantage is to have better durability than traditional PTFE coating

Super Non-Stickiness

To test the non-stick capability of a wok, a textbook method is to try pan frying an egg (Video is here). In the official brand material, they claim that we could pan frying an egg without adding a drop of oil. However, we suspected the flavour of a pan-fried egg without oil so we did add some. You could still see from the video that the non-stick ability is excellent. You may also take a look at the brand video for further showcasing its non-stick ability.


Easy to Keep and Use

What if the wok is stained by charred food? By using a piece of soaked kitchen towel, the stain can be removed in 10 secs. No more woe during cooking! (The video is here)

Ultralight Design

The wok is just 0.78kg, the lightest non-stick wok we have ever used! It’s easy to use it for wok tossing for mixing ingredients evenly


Excellent Heat Conductivity

For dishes requiring sensitive control over heat, such as scrambled egg, this wok works perfectly well!

It’s a Versatile Wok! (28cm Wok)

Our idea is to find a wok for everyday use. The shape of this wok is just ideal. It’s versatile and can be used in most cooking cases like steaming

Chill chill pan

This is our chill chill pan. As it’s light and tiny, whenever we want to cook something easy and fast, e.g. Shin Ramen (cheeze must be added), this pan is always on the top of our minds


Safety Assurance

The product has also invited Korea Conformity Laboratories(KCL) to test and certify its safety. There is an web version of the certificate


Excellent Word of Mouth

Customers were surprised by how satisfying the using experience was. We look forward to having you to join us! For the English translation you may refer to the unboxing article of the pan