Monacook Ceramic Non-Stick Pan 26cm Set of 4 | Korean Detachable Handle Cookware


After we have found that mainstream coated non-stick pans are possibly harmful, we started to source one without toxic substances. We are genuine users of this product

Popular among people caring cookware safety!
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Product Features

  • Best housewarming gift from Korea!
  • Includes 2 26cm frying pans, 26cm deep pan, 26cm skillet, detachable handle and glass lid. Its versatility simplifies your kitchen!
  • Limited time free dedicated storage bag
  • The perfect cookware set meticulously designed by top notch Korean cookware designers
  • Applied the Korean prestigious ART FORTE 6th generation ceramic coating. More non-stick, more durable
  • Ceramic coated cookware is becoming prevalent. Thanks to its non-toxic and non-stick characters, it is the ideal eco-friendly replacement of the mainstream PTFE coated cookware
  • Supreme non-stick power. Easy to clean and use
  • Additional anti-bacterial coating for enhanced hygiene
  • Support a multitude of heat sources including gas stove, IH stove and even oven
  • Tested by Korean KCL laboratory. Safety assured
  • Caring services provided by Couple Overcooked


  • Free delivery by SF Express/ Couple Overcooked’s courier partner


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Since we have conducted an in-depth research about non-stick woks, we came to realise the issues of using a mainstream PTFE non-stick wok. After that, we abandoned the use of it and kick started our journey of finding a healthy, easy to use, good looking and easy to clean non-stick wok. The first product we sourced that met our criteria was the Avocado Ceramic Coated Non-stick Wok. Due to its excellent product quality and our thorough experience sharing, the product became popular since its launch.

The Monacook Ceramic Non-Stick Pan Set is the second series that we have found and introduced in our ceramic coated cookware collection. Not only is it coated with the latest ceramic coating technology, the most unique area is the detachability of different parts which makes it super easy to clean. The 4 pans can also stack up in a compact manner for convenient storage. Its elegant and minimalistic appearance also make it suitable for serving on table directly. 1 Monacook set can essentially satisfy all cooking needs!

Take a look at the brand videos:


Convert into a Minimalistic Kitchen

Monacook Ceramic Non-Stick Pan 26cm Set of 4 contains 2 frying pans, 1 deep pan and 1 skillet. With just 1 set of pans it can fulfil a wide range of cooking needs. It is also very convenient to use as it equips with a detachable handle and a detachable glass lid. The whole design philosophy of Monacook is to simplify cookware for more focus on the joy of home cooking!


Stackable Pans for Convenient Storage

All pans and spare parts can be stacked up as shown. The area it occupies is possibly smaller than an ordinary wok which makes it ideal for Hong Kong families where every inch of storage matters.


New Generation Ceramic Coating Provides Non-stick Ability Beyond Compare

It applies the Korean prestigious ART FORTE 6th generation ceramic coating. It’s more non-stick and more durable. We have tested that out and confirmed its supreme performance!


Support Reversely Installed Handle for Easier Lifting

An ordinary wok handle is usually far from the centre of gravity which makes it difficult to lift up the pan loaded with food. The Monacook set, on the other hand, supports the handle to be reversely installed for easier lifting. This can effectively protect our wrists from bearing too much pressure.


It Just Looks Good!

Its minimalistic design makes it looks good for serving on table directly, especially all 4 pans are of the same design which provides an ideal background for taking photos of the food. Don’t forget that you can also wash less dishes by serving the pan directly on table!


Maximised Capacity

The square design is the best way to maximise cooking capacity. It can cook more food than a round pan.


The Versatile Set of Pans You Need

The 4 pans can already handle various cooking needs. Moreover, they support different heat sources including gas stove, IH stove and even oven (of course not including the handle and lid). They are also dishwasher friendly. The whole design of the set is very thoughtful and considerate.

Couple Overcooked Experience Sharing

開箱Monacook陶瓷不沾可拆式手柄鍋套裝 Unboxing Monacook Set 2

In-depth Unboxing:

完美鍋具套裝!開箱韓國可拆式手柄鍋Monacook陶瓷不沾鍋4件套裝 Unboxing Monacook Set of 4

15分鐘完成清蒸馬友 油香超豐腴 Hong Kong Style Steamed Threadfin Fish in 15 Mins


豆豉鯪魚油麥菜 Stir fried Chinese Leafy Lettuce with Black Bean Dace

Trial Use Sharing:

10分鐘完成 簡單豆豉鯪魚油麥菜 Stir fried Chinese Leafy Lettuce with Black Bean Dace in Just 10 Mins


The Most Thoughtful Cookware We Have Ever Seen

What we love most about the Monacook set is its thoughtful design seen in every details, for instance, the stackable design for easy storage, the square shape for cooking more food, handle with reversely installed function for wrist protection, support multiple heat sources (even oven!), detachable glass lid parts for easy cleaning… It’s just the most thoughtful cookware set we have ever seen!


 Support All Daily Cooking Needs

In this set there are both deep and shallow pans. Basically it can replace all other pans and wok at home.


Versatility Beyond Imagination

In addition to taking care of daily cooking needs, the Monacook set can also do its job when occasionally you want to sear a nice piece of steak. It inspires more innovation and allows you to create more kinds of home made dishes


Minimalistic Style for Making Dishes More Appealing

We have covered this point in the product description but this is a very important point so we reiterate haha


Easy Store Easy Go

The limited time free dedicated storage bag has dimensions of 29cm x 29cm x13cm. It’s super convenient to store the whole set of pans in a compact way. Want to go camping? Just carry the Monacook set with one hand and go. You can now cook anywhere and discover more possibilities in life!