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Product Features

  • Excellent heat conduction efficiency which can evaporate water on food instantly. More crispiness can be achieved
  • Enamel helps radiate more far-infrared ray which can penetrate through the centre of ingredients and retain succulence of the food
  • Non-stick enamel coating
  • Ultra light crafting. The thinness part is just 1.5mm and the pan weighs only 1.1kg
  • Normal detergent can be used to clean the pan. No extra procedures to maintain the pan
  • Hand ground wood-handle. Ergonomic grip fits in the palm perfectly
  • Awarded Red Dot Design Award 2021 Best of the Best, iF Design Award 2021 and Good Design Award 2020
  • Authorized product made in Japan
  • Limited time free pan glass lid, HK$398 worth (No need to add to cart)


  • Free delivery in Hong Kong. Normally 1-3 working days to deliver. Extra charge may apply for remote areas. Details at Delivery Terms


  • For any enquiry, feel free to Whatsapp us at 9444 1841
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Unboxing Article:

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Couple Overcooked’s Experience Sharing:

This frying pan is a bit beyond our imagination. The adoption of vermicular cast iron together with black enamel coating creates excellent heat conduction capability. The pan only weighs about 1kg which is way lighter than a traditional cast iron pan and you can even toss the pan with one hand. It’s applicable on both gas stove and IH stove. The wood handle has good texture and it looks so beautiful that you can serve your dish with the pan directly. It’s easy to keep, not like a normal cast iron pan that you need to maintain it by oil. The Vermicular frying pan is just wonderful and we wish we could have this earlier! Take a look at the brand video first:

 Excellent Heat Conduction –  “Instantaneous Evaporation”

Thin structure and adoption of vermicular cast iron together with enamel coating, the purpose is to make heat conduction ultra effective so that food can be made crispy on the outside and succulent in the inside. To have this shown, take a look at the below footage. In the video we heated the pan with medium heat for 30s and then we add a spoon of water. Water literally evaporated instantaneously. It is conceivable that the food that you cooked can attain crispy texture brought by the excellence in heat conduction!


Ultra Light Design

The thin structure of the frying pan is an illustration of the Japanese meticulous craftsmanship. The pan only weighs about 1kg which is much lighter than a normal cast iron pan. It’s so light that we could lift our cat like this:


Easy to Keep

For a normal cast iron pan, we need special care in maintaining its condition. However, as this frying pan is coated with enamel, it has non-sticky feature and it’s also heat durable, anti rusted and anti corroded. In case of food getting charred, we can just add some baking soda, switch on low fire for awhile and the pan will get cleaned. We tried that before:


Perfect for Plating

The pan body is designed with the concept of minimalism. Together with the grand wooden handle, the frying pan is essentially an art piece. We can just serve our food with the pan like the Stirred Fried Egg with Tomato as shown below. It can also keep the food warm throughout our meal:


A Platform You Can Trust

Through Couple Overcooked there have been hundreds of Vermicular products sold. We provide caring services and continuous update of relevant recipes on our website. Start your carefree Vermicular journey with us!

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