Le Creuset Skillet Grill Pan開箱煎牛扒 好唔好用? 1st Time Pan-Fried Steak with Le Creuset Skillet Grill Pan. Is It A Good Buy?

Le Creuset Skillet Grill Pan煎牛扒 Pan-Fried Steak with Le Creuset Skillet Grill Pan

之前趁減價,買左塊Le Creuset Skillet Grill Pan,今晚試用黎煎牛扒。究竟塊Le Creuset Skillet Grill Pan好用嗎?

We bought a Le Creuset Skillet Grill Pan previously at a sale and used it for pan frying steak as the first trial of the pan. Is the Le Creuset Skillet Grill Pan a good buy?

Le Creuset Skillet Grill Pan煎牛扒配薯蓉 Pan-Fried Steak with Le Creuset Skillet Grill Pan Served with Mashed Potato

Le Creuset Skillet Grill Pan煎牛扒 Pan-Fried Steak with Le Creuset Skillet Grill Pan

The signature of the grill pan is that it can sear grid pattern on the steak which looks gorgeous!

中間仲係pinku pinku有肉汁
The steak was medium rare with juicy texture

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Here it’s the grill pan. The interior is made up of cast iron as we need to keep it unrusted by applying a layer of oil on it. Before using it, brush the pan with oil. Pre-heat on medium heat for 4 mins and the oil will start to vaporise

Before frying the steak, marinate it with a handful of salt and pepper.
Place the steak on the grill pan in diagonal angle with the pan. Let it sear for one min. then turn it 90 degree and sear for another min.

That’s how we sear the grid pattern. Fry the other side with the same method. Upon flipping the steak, we also add butter to give the steak more fragrance

Mashed potato is also a signature of the dish.
Chop a potato, get some butter ready.

Boil the potato until they can be easily mashed

Mix the potato and butter (the butter has to be cold to make the mashed potato more silky) with a blender. Add some warm milk for a few times and hand stir for awhile. Done!

結論 Conclusion

Le Creuset Skillet Grill Pan值唔值得買?我地認為有兩個優點,一係塊扒煎完有格網真係好靚,二係用起上黎只要跟住時間煎,好易就成功煎到牛扒,係幾方便。不過老實講,我地唔係真係咁常煎扒,但塊pan除左用黎煎扒,我地都無乜其他用途,所以值唔值得買,就睇你係咪一個牛扒愛好者。

Is the Le Creuset Skillet Grill Pan a good buy? We think it does have 2 unique selling points, first one is its signature of searing grid pattern on steak and second one is the convenience that you can sear a nice piece of steak by following the suggested timing. However, to be frank, we don’t usually cook steak. Apart from frying steak, the pan has limited function. So the value of the pan mainly depends on whether you’re a steak lover or not.

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