2個品牌鑄鐵鍋經驗分享 Le Creuset & Vermicular Sharing

Vermicular Collection

有留意開小夫妻Overcooked既朋友都知道我地係Le Creuset既fans,屋企有成超過30件既Le Creuset廚具同碗碗碟碟,足以每餐飯都淨係用佢。我地知道有d朋友中毒比我地更深,可以屋企儲幾百件Le Creuset廚具,對我地黎講,回頭是岸同中毒更深之間,我地走左第3條路,就係開始探索其他品牌既優質鑄鐵廚具(內心OS: 其實咪又係中毒更深lol),而今次想分享既就係我地用左Vermicular一段時間既體驗同感想,同埋講下Le Creuset同Vermicular既比較。


Our readers must have known that we are fans of Le Creuset and we possess 30+ units of Le Creuset cookware/ tableware which is very sufficient for us to only use it in every meal. We know going forward we may end up like many folks who have hundreds of items of Le Creuset at home but for us, we think it’s the time for us to explore other premium enamelled cast iron cookware brand. That’s when we came across Vermicular and in this article we would like to share our experience of using both brands.

Disclaimer: in Couple Overcooked’s online shop, we are selling Vermicular’s cookware. However what we are going to share is our genuine experience. It’s our belief that only by providing genuine content can Couple Overcooking be walking a longer journey.

小夫妻Overcooked的Le Creuset & Vermicular Sharing

我們的LC收藏 Our Le Creuset collection

我地既Le Creuset珍藏晒冷,依度有媽咪鍋、buffet、圓形鍋、琺瑯鋼鍋、平底煎鍋,仲有一系列既餐具。LC一個好強大既賣點就係佢有好多種唔同既顏色可以選擇,好容易買下一件買下又一件,買買下就成屋都係orz 想睇多d可以去我地分享LC經驗既文章睇睇。

當初買Le Creuset都係被佢外型吸引,可以煮完直接連鍋上碟,又美觀又方便。而且我地試過用佢黎整無水蒸既食譜之後,發現鑄鐵鍋並唔係得個樣,佢保溫、鎖水同不沾既特性係好特別既功能,可以用無水蒸煮出好好味既美食,有關無水蒸,我地亦寫過一篇長文去介紹更多

This is our Le Creuset range of collection. You may see a Marmite, a buffet, a round casserole, a enamelled steel pot, a skillet and a number of tableware here. A very powerful advantage of LC is its availability of a wide range of colors. It’s very common for families to buy a lot of its items before realizing that. For details you may take a look at our previous LC sharing.

Not only is LC cookware beautiful, the heat insulating, water retaining and non-stick properties of it also makes it a tool for making waterless steaming dishes.

Le Creuset既配件豐富程度都係令人入坑越黎越深既一大原因,我地用既碗碟餐具就唔洗講,就連我地兩隻貓梵高同墨硯既飯碗都係LC心型碟

The abundant range of accessories of LC is also a big reason for us to have bought many items of it. Even our cat bowls are from LC.



On the other hand, our Vermicular collection is with less items. Here we have 22cm and 14cm round pots and a 26cm frying pan. The design of Vermicular is in natural and earthy tone. When you take a closer look you will find out the craftsmanship being exquisite. What we like most is its thoughtfulness in design where plenty of details for enhancing its functionality can be found. We will elaborate below.


The accessories of a Vermicular pot (pot holder and trivet) look beautiful. This is also what we like about it

品牌背景 Background


Have you ever liked a brand to an extent where you would also learn about its background and history? We think that the background and vision of a brand would, in a certain way, project to the products it makes. For premium cookware like LC and Vermicular, the stories behind the brands are interesting subjects to study.

Le Creuset

Le Creuset品牌係1925年就成立,至今已經差唔多係百年老店,係佢未成立既時候,當時法國既廚具都係以實用性為主,大部份用色都係黑黑灰灰,絕少有廚具品牌會以外觀作為主要設計考慮。當時Le Creuset既兩個創辦人,一個係鑄造專家,一個係琺瑯專家,就覺得用色大膽又實用既廚具可以走出一條新既路,結果佢地就係法國北部小鎮大弗雷努瓦開左間工場,並鑄造出鮮艷橙色琺瑯既「flame」色作為頭炮,當時推出市面大受歡迎,奠定左品牌成功既基礎。

所以打從一開始,用色繽紛已經係Le Creuset既DNA入面,接近百年後既今日,走入Le Creuset既鋪頭,見到既都係色彩多樣,琳琅滿目既琺瑯鑄鐵廚具,難怪客人買完一件,又想再買多件唔同顏色既。買廚具買到好似集郵咁既體驗,Le Creuset可以話係開創左一個先河。

Founded in 1925, Le Creuset was born at an era when cookware was generally utilitarian in nature. Majority of the cookware was in black/ grey tones which provided a very good chance for Le Creuset to tap into the colorful cookware market niche. The two founders, a casting expert and a enamelling specialist, established their first foundry in the town of Fresnoy-le-Grand in Northern France where they casted pots in the signature “flame” color. The rest is history.

So from the beginning colorful design has been in Le Creuset’s DNA. Almost a century later, when we enter a Le Creuset outlet we can always find new variants of cookware. In terms of making cookware collectable, Le Creuset has really done something avant garde.





就咁睇品牌既故事,大概都體會到Le Creuset係要將高質既鑄鐵鍋透過豐富既顏色將收藏廚具既快樂帶俾客人;而Vermicular就專注係鑄鐵鍋既造工,令佢成為功能性更強既煮食神器。係使用兩個品牌鑄鐵鍋既時候,我地唔多唔少都感受到背後咁樣既設計理念,好有趣味,以下都同大家再分享多d。

We have heard about Vermicular for quite a while but didn’t really have one. We used to think that it’s just another cast iron cookware brand. However, after some study we started to appreciate the thoughtfulness of the design.

Vermicular has its origin in Aichi-ken, Japan. While its first oven pot round was launched in 2010, the Hijikata family’s foundry has been renowned for its capability to cast and machine iron with extreme accuracy. When the heavy industry in Japan went downtrend, the later generation of the Hijikata family launched Vermicular with the casting skills they acquired.

Lands of Japan are rich and desirable. For centuries Japanese focuses on bringing out the original flavours of food when they come to cook. Inheriting this spirit, the design of Vermicular round pot is a journey of reflecting how to make a pot that can bring out the umami of food simply by cooking it slowly on stove. Details of the pot are pointing towards achieving this goal and we will share more below.

我們的Le Creuset與Vermicular使用旅程 Our Journey

我地既Le Creuset旅程啟自依個媽咪鍋,依個款用黎做第一個鍋其實亦相當適合,因為用佢黎炆野或者整圖中雲吞雞咁既湯品都得,而且成鍋上台感覺亦相當體面。

而有左第一個鑄鐵鍋,開始了解到無水蒸依種全新煮食方法之後,我地就明白鑄鐵鍋唔單止係得個樣既玩意了。有功能又好睇,shut up and take my money!

This is our first ever LC pot – a Marmite which is ideal for braising food or making Wonton Chicken Soup as shown. Food looks beautiful when served together with the pot.

With this first cast iron pot, we came to realized the cooking method of waterless steaming. Then we knew that a cast iron pot is more than good looking. It can actually make better food!

豉汁粉絲無水蒸蟠龍鱔 Waterless Steamed Dragon Eel


Our second pot from LC is a buffet. The shallowness makes it very useful for making waterless steamed eel, chicken wings and prawns etc

無水蒸魚 waterless steamed fish


On the other hand our Vermicular’s pots are deeper. We use it for larger portion food or it’s a great idea to use it for waterless steamed fish because the fish can stand alone in the pot so that it’s more evenly cooked. The 22 cm round pot fits for cooking fish.






Vermicular既鍋有咁既技術深度俾我地了解到更多廚具可以應用既技術,其實依件事對我地黎講好有趣﹐而話說回來,咁既技術深度對實際煮食效果有咩提升?我地留意到最明顯既係煮無水蒸菜式所保留既水份真係多d,至於再細緻既比較,就要下次黎個apple to apple既測試先可以分享更多。

So we mentioned that Vermicular is designed for better functionality, here comes more. Basically, Vermicular is designed to hack different ways of heat transfer for better bringing out umami inside food

Conduction – There are ridges in the bottom to reduce the contact area of food with the pot. This is to get rid of excessive heat transferred to the food by conduction

Convection – The pot body and lid are handcrafted until they fit at a 0.01 mm accuracy which maximizes water retaining ability of the pot

Far Infrared – Vermicular points out that their pot is with 3 layers of enamel which can effectively emit far infrared during cooking. This helps reduce damage to the food structure during cooking so both the original flavor and nutrients inside food can be better preserved. We tried to find out more about this point and we came to learn that far infrared can penetrate the food easily, it also resembles the vibrating frequency of organic food particles. This helps heat up the food simultaneously as a whole and create more even flavor. You may find out more about this from this science article but we don’t really recommend to read…

It’s quite interesting to learn about the technical part about Vermicular but what does it imply to actual cooking? To us, the most obvious thing is that more water is retained when we make waterless steaming dishes. For more details, we may have to make an apple to apple comparison next time.

鑄鐵鍋坎飯 Making Rice by Cast Iron Pot

依個LC 18cm圓鍋就係我地煮飯既良伴,用鑄鐵鍋坎飯,原理有d似日本人用土鍋黎煲飯,口感更飽滿結實,有興趣可以睇睇我地之前既介紹

This is our 18cm LC round pot. We like using it as rice cooker. Using cast iron pot to make rice is a bit like making rice by a Japanese clay pot by which rice is in more fluffy texture. You may take a look at our previous article

泡菜豆腐鍋 Kimchi Tofu Stew


It also fits for making soup for 2. This is Korean Kimchi Tofu Soup in Hong Kong Style.

而後來我地就轉用左依個Vermicular 14cm圓鍋黎煲飯,2個人既飯量岩岩好

Later we switched to use this Vermicular 14cm round pot for cooking rice. This is the ideal dimension for making rice for two


Many would think that 14cm is too small to have any function but we actually like it. Apart from making rice, we can also use it for making small portion waterless steamed dishes or desserts like soufflé

然後都介紹埋我地兩個牌子有既煎鍋,依個Le Creuset既skillet可以煎到牛扒有好靚既格網坑紋,我地好鍾意慢煮牛扒完就用佢煎返靚個面


Let’s also take a look at the pans we have. This Le Creuset skillet can sear grid pattern on the steak. We like to sear our steak by it after sous vide it


This Vermicular 26cm enamelled cast iron frying pan is used more often. Not only we use it for stir frying food (like rice noodles with beef), we use it even if we are just making a simple dish like Scrambled Eggs with Tomato as shown. Food can be nicely presented in it and the pan can also warm the food all the way until we finish eating


Another interesting point to share. In the video we heated the pan for ~30s, we then added a spoon of water in. Water evaporated simultaneously. A Vermicular pan comes with this “instant evaporation” character. Using it for stir frying can help creates a crisp on the food surface while the inside is still juicy.

總結 Summary


Le Creuset同Vermicular都係俾到我地依種額外樂趣既廚具品牌,我地享受使用Le Creuset,因為佢色彩繽紛,為餐桌增添上唔少生氣,而可以選擇既產品類型非常廣泛,每次去行鋪都會發現到d新野,總有辦法用佢既產品去滿足我地既煮食需求。



For many, cookware is important because it can be used for cooking food for our loved ones. For us, understanding the brand stories and having a beautiful collection of cookware are also important because through that we add extra enjoyment to the cooking experience.

Both Le Creuset and Vermicular give us this extra enjoyment. We like LC because it’s colorful and it makes our table more lively. Also its product range is very wide which never fails us when we go to their outlets for exploration.

On the other hand, we highly appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship of Vermicular. The technical details of the pot and pan are impressive and the casting techniques can translate into better tasting food which is amazing. Also the collection of accessories is good looking which elevates the using experience to an artistic level.

If you are interested in sharing your cooking/ cookware using experience with us, feel free to reach out to us via the channels listed below!




Disclaimer: in Couple Overcooked’s online shop, we are now selling Vermicular’s cookware. However, what we are sharing is our genuine experience. It’s our belief that only by providing genuine content can Couple Overcooking be walking a longer journey. Below you may also find our Vermicular unboxing article:

我地又入坑了 Vermicular 2款鑄鐵鍋開箱連簡單試用 Unboxing Vermicular Pot and Pan


Also you may take a look at our LC story

入坑經歷分享 我們超過30件的Le Creuset收藏 Happy Sharing of Our LC Collection


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