開箱+試用+介紹:Lowenthal牛油果陶瓷不沾鍋28cm Unbox and Trial Use Lowenthal Avocado Wok


而係上一篇我地就分享左係我地係幾個廠商度拎返黎既不沾鍋開箱文,經過一番實測、試用,我地最後選用左韓國製造Lowenthal牛油果陶瓷不沾鍋作為我地既daily wok,亦覺得可以推介俾大家使用,今篇我地就會詳細講講依隻鍋既開箱、試同,同產品介紹!

After conducting a study regarding the safety of non-stick pan, we have come to the conclusion of abandoning our PTFE non-stick pan being used for over a year at our home because we were convinced that the PFAS used in manufacturing the pan is actually something human being should all get rid of.

Since then, we started our journey to source an ideal non-stick pan with ceramic coating which is in nature close to sand/ rock. After putting in some effort, we have successfully connect with a Korean factory to supply us with the Lowenthal Avocado work which we believe is an ideal non-stick wok we have been looking for.


Lowenthal Avocado Ceramic Non-stick Wok 28cm is now available on our online shop. With a few simple clicks, you can start to enjoy the carefree journey of ceramic non-stick wok cooking!

Lowenthal牛油果陶瓷不沾鍋樣板開箱 Unboxing


The Avocado wok is eye catchy. It’s inspired by the appearance of an avocado which has a creamy texture of interior. Even our cat Inky loved it at the first sight



She loved the wok too much that she occupied it immediately
btw her eyes are in the same colour as the wok lol


So after Inky left we could finally take a photo for the wok. The exterior wall of the wok is like the skin of an avocado


Highlight of the interior wall. If you take a closer look you will discover the fibre like pattern in the bottom. That’s oil diversion channels developed for maximising the contact of oil with the food in order to optimise the cooking efficiency. That helps reduce the oil taken to cook


The bottom is like this. Just like the skin of an avocado


The wok is ultralight in weight with less than 800g. It’s fine to lift Inky by one hand and also fine to toss the wok while cooking

Lowenthal牛油果陶瓷不沾鍋試用 Trial use


To test the non-stick capability of a wok, a textbook method is to try pan frying an egg. In the official brand material, they claim that we could pan frying an egg without adding a drop of oil. However, we suspected the flavour of a pan-fried egg without oil so we did add some. You could still see from the video that the non-stick ability is excellent


Then we tried its heat conductivity efficiency. We stir fried the meat on medium high heat and the result was as shown – slightly charred edges was form which show the wok has good heat conductivity for Chinese stir frying dishes

不沾力發揮譜 Recipe to Show Its Non-stickiness

9唔搭8既組合? 出奇好味大蔥炒和牛舌 Spontaneous Stir-fried Wagyu Tongue with Leeks


Marinade of the meat was completely charred and sticked on the wok


By using a piece of soaked kitchen towel, the stain can be removed in 10 secs


Easily cleaned


Ultra light. Easy to toss the wok!

輕巧力發揮食譜 Recipe to Show Its Lightness

10分鐘簡易乾燒伊麵 飲宴必食 Easy and Yummy Braised E-Fu Noodles


As it’s light and thin, it has excellent heat conductivity with is ideal for making Stir Fried Eggs with Prawns, a dish which requires sensitive control over temperature

傳熱力發揮食譜 Recipe to Show Its Heat Conductivity

蝦仁炒蛋 蛋嫩蝦爽做法分享 Scrambled Eggs with Prawns Tasty Secrets


Our idea is to find a wok for everyday use. The shape of this wok is just ideal. It’s versatile and can be used in most cooking cases like steaming


Given the excellence in non-stickiness, we can sear fish without breaking its skin


Searing fish can never be easier. Happy

Lowenthal牛油果陶瓷不沾鍋介紹 Product Introduction


In this section we are sharing some uniqueness of this wok.
First off, we are cautious about the country of origin and manufacturer quality for clear reasons. This is a German branded wok made in Korea. We have confidence about is quality


First of all we would like to share comments by our customers.
We apologize for not having the English version here but its word of mouth is excellent! (Just feel free to let us know if you need translation here haha).
The positive result is not surprising to us because we had personally gone through the process of product sourcing, trial use and now daily use. We shared to customers because we truly believe that this is a good product. We hope more people can join the community of ceramic coating non-stick wok!

講過好多次點解我地一定係搵陶瓷塗層,因為佢成份接近天然沙石,令人用得放心,更重要既係佢唔似主流PTFE易潔鑊塗層咁,用上有毒既forever chemical PFAS去製造。覺得都用左咁耐,點會有事?其實去到好近期,拜登政府已經宣佈立法規管PFAS,原因就係PFAS被證實好有問題

而我地搜羅既依隻鑊,用上左韓國陶瓷塗層大牌KFCC Ceramica既第五代ART EGIS陶瓷塗層,好處係甚至比主流 PTFE塗層更穩固耐用。

We have said that we are only looking for ceramic coating non-stick wok as it has natural composition. More importantly in its production, unlike PTFE coating, PFAS, the notorious forever chemical, is not used. Maybe you think that isn’t a big deal after all PTFE non-stick has been in the market for decades? In fact, recently the Biden administration has announced to regulate PFAS and the reason behind is simple: PFAS has proven to be very problematic.

This avocado wok has adopted the 5th generation ART EGIS ceramic coating by the Korean major ceramic coating brand KFCC Ceramica. The advantage is to have better durability than traditional PTFE coating

產品仲搵左韓國建設生活環境試驗研究院 (KCL) 測試認證,安全有保障,證書有網頁版可以參考

The product has also invited Korea Conformity Laboratories to test and certify its safety. There is an web version of the certificate

Product video:

Non-stick ability showcasing:


Lowenthal Avocado Ceramic Non-stick Wok 28cm is now available on our online shop. With a few simple clicks, you can start to enjoy the carefree journey of ceramic non-stick wok cooking!

其後我地繼續探索,搵到韓國Monacook可拆式手柄鍋套裝,佢賣點更多,例如層層疊既設計方便儲藏、方正鍋形令佢煮到更多食物、手柄有保護手腕既逆向安裝功能、用得明火爐電磁爐入得蒸爐焗爐、鍋蓋部件可完全拆開方便清洗… 係我地見過最強大既家用鍋具組合!

In this journey we continued to explore more ceramic pans. This Monacook set is a cook set that amazed us. Thoughtful design is seen in every details, for instance, the stackable design for easy storage, the square shape for cooking more food, handle with reversely installed function for wrist protection, support multiple heat sources (even oven!), detachable glass lid parts for easy cleaning… It’s just the most thoughtful cookware set we have ever seen!







牛油果鍋第2員 24cm平底鍋開箱 Unboxing Avocado 24cm Sauté Pan


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