沖咖啡心得分享連Thanko咖啡機介紹 Our Coffee Sharing and Thanko Coffee Machine Unboxing

thanko coffee machine


In this article we are going to explore something out of the scope of cooking and that’s coffee brewing. That’s another interest of us because basically we need a coffee to stay awakened after having lunch. We don’t know much about coffee, so we can just share briefly here. In this article we are also going to unbox our newly available Thanko Coffee Machine

沖咖啡的心得及Thanko咖啡機介紹 Coffee Brewing and Thanko Coffee Machine

手沖咖啡分享 Pourover Coffee Sharing

平時玩手沖咖啡多,所需既器具都幾多: 咖啡磨、手沖壺(連溫度計)、濾杯、濾紙、電子磅(連計時功能),當然仲有咖啡豆。



We usually brew pourover coffee which involves quite a lot of tools: grinder, water kettle (with thermometer), dripper, filter paper, scale (with timer) and of course beans.

We found pourover coffee very different from the espresso type coffee in chain coffee chops. Its flavors redefine coffee in my mind. What’s the most special is that for the same bag of beans, the coffee flavor varies by different people brewing the coffee. Coffee beans are very sensitive to factors like temperature, fineness, waterflow, brewing duration etc. Unless someone can make perfect control on these factors, it’s common to make a coffee with different flavors each time.

Normally we use light roast beans for pourover coffee because they remain their “individuality”. Each type of beans possesses their unique aromas. Some have the flavor of tropical fruits, some are like white grapes, citrus, chocolate, almond.. Essentially every type or even every lot of beans are different and through pourover coffee we can extract the individuality out and have a taste of it.



Coffee brewing trains our concentration. We need to pour a planned amount of water in specific waterflow within limited time. If we get distracted during the process, we may end up brewing a poor brewed coffee

And for coffee beans, it’s important to make the powder evenly grinded so that the eventual solution won’t be too sour/ bitter. You may find that our powder is not really evenly grinded because we are using a basic model of grinder. Some expensive grinders can be up to a few thousand HKD and they can do a much better job

飲手沖咖啡既體驗都好特別,每款豆沖完出黎既唔同時間都會展現唔同既風味,有D一沖起會充滿花香,但攤涼左就有果酸味,有D掉返轉熱既時間會有果酸,涼左反而整體香氣更突出,由於味道每一刻都變化緊,飲下飲下就個人都好似變得無咁執着要某一種味道長期留低,然後覺得依個係活在當下好好既練習… lol

The experience of drinking pourover coffee is special. The coffees made by different beans would have specific flavor in various stages. Some would be floral once it’s brewed and turn acidic when it’s cooled and some are the other way round. As the flavor changes over time, the journey of appreciating pourover coffee inspires us not to be too stubborn in something. Carpe diem!

Thanko磨豆沖粉雙用式咖啡機開箱 Unboxing Thanko Coffee Machine


Making pourover coffee is fun but we always want a coffee machine because sometimes we just want a speedy coffee with fair quality. This time we are going to try Thanko coffee machine with dark roast and light roast beans. Let’s see how it will go!

Thanko 磨豆沖粉雙用式咖啡機


Thanko Coffee Machine is now available at out shop!

Thanko咖啡機 Thanko Coffee Machine

用上黎好簡單,放左咖啡豆/ 粉入隔,入水,撳相應既掣,咖啡就會自己萃出

Thanko Coffee Machine unboxed! We have the machine, filter, insulated mug and user manual.
It’s so simple to use. Simple add coffee bean/ powder in the filter, add water, then press the corresponding button, coffee will be automatically brewed

首先試下朋友送既日本深炒豆,我地之前都係用moka pot黎沖佢,今次就用咖啡機睇下有咩分別


To begin with we tried the dark roast which we used to brew it with our moka pot

BTW, for all food related machine we let it run for 1-2 times before actually consume the product. This time we added some beans and water for washing the machine odor before actually using it


Put coffee beans into the filter
For dark roast for 1, we added slightly more that 4 spoons (included in the machine) and that would be around 15g


Add around 200ml of water


Press the button and the machine will do the work. In around 5 mins the brewing process will be completed

Thanko咖啡機沖出黎既味道係幾好,飲得到少少豆本身既花香味,不過由於係深炒豆,本身花香味並唔特別突出。但同moka pot比既話,我地又覺我Thanko咖啡機沖出黎好飲d,我地用moka pot成日沖出黎都會偏苦澀(唔知係咪技術問題)

The brew was nice. We could taste the floral aroma of the beans but of course it’s a dark roast so the floral aroma wasn’t especially strong. If compared to the coffee made by a moka pot, we thought the Thanko coffee machine did a better work. Not sure if we did something wrong or what, our coffee made by moka pot usually tastes a bit bitter

然後就試下依包Knockbox出品既埃賽俄比亞Guji Gerbicho豆,cupping note寫有玫瑰同士多啤梨風味。由於屬於淺炒豆,就算手沖都唔係成日成功沖得好飲,放落咖啡機沖,其實都係抱住實驗心態去try try

Now let’s try this Guji Gerbicho from Ethiopia roasted by Knockbox. The cupping note stated that there are aromas of rose and strawberry. As it’s a light roast, even if we made pourover coffee we couldn’t manage to make it nicely brewed for every time. Using this Thanko coffee machine was just a wild try to see what would happen



Light roast beans are denser so 3 spoons would be around 15g. We added 250ml of water in

Just pressed on the button and waited for awhile the coffee is here. The result was a surprise to us. Of course the pourover coffee in a cafe was beyond compare, but the Thanko machine made coffee did a successful job in extracting the floral aroma from the beans. It’s way better than our expectation of a cup of messily made coffee. If we just want to be lazy, we would go for the Thanko coffee machine to brew or light roast (of course for expensive Geisha we prefer DIY/ go to a cafe)


Cleaning is fairly easy. Just take out the filter and wash it
The beans were finely ground. We don’t know why the light roast coffee still tasted ok. Maybe it’s because of the water added being a bit more than usual


Make a coffee in a foldable mug then go. But make sure your cat won’t knock over the mug



This is our ideal coffee corner but it can only be a fantasy because our cats will destroy it in minutes

Thanko 磨豆沖粉雙用式咖啡機


Thanko Coffee Machine is now available at out shop!



Fusion pasta with coffee, nice combination!

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Coca-cola Chicken Wings and coffee are also a good match?

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